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Leroy Waugh Cover Crops, No Till, Lined Outlet

County: Whitley
Completion Date: 2017
Size: 183.6 Acres Cover Crop & No Till, 30 Ft. Lined Outlet
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Partners: The Watershed Foundation, Indiana Department of Enviromental Management
75% Share

About this project

Leroy Waugh planted 183.6 acres of cover crops to reduce runoff of water, sediments, and nutrients, as well as to add nutrients back into the soil, as well implementing no till production on the same acres.  He also installed 30 feet of lined outlet (grassed waterway) to help reduce runoff from sediment and water. This project was in collaboration with The Watershed Foundation and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

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Project Type

  • Cover Crops
  • Filters/Grassed waterway

Project Stats

Sediment Reduction
Metric Tons
Phosphorus Reduction
Nitrogen Reduction